Magnakron utilizes the complete supply chain to support customers with coconut-based and chemical products worldwide and to source, manufacture and deliver quality chemicals, oils and derivatives. By remaining a trusted partner in product innovation, offering sustainable coconut oils and derivatives and making it easy to obtain high-quality custom chemicals, we offer greater possibilities for value-added goods.

Why Clients Choose Us

  • Capabilities and expertise to fuel unmatched innovation

  • Comprehensive coconut products for sustainable solutions

  • Quality, customization and control beyond expectations

Trusted Advisor in Product Innovation

As a service-driven organization, Magnakron’s ability to provide reliable quality chemicals and coconut-based products lies in the trust we build with customers and suppliers and the flexibility we bring to our solutions and services. By prioritizing long-term relationships and making room for customization and innovation, we’re able to expand our offerings and serve a loyal customer base that’s been with us since 1980. We know that no two clients are identical, which is why we work with independent testing agencies to develop new products and leverage our experience to create reliable infrastructure for their delivery, optimizing logistics to face new challenges as they emerge. With our business acumen and technical expertise, Magnakron helps companies overcome market competition in dynamic industries, including personal care and cosmetics, paints and coatings and detergents and lubricants, to see continued success.

  • Reliable quality chemicals and coconut-based products
  • Long-term client relationships that fuel innovation
  • Business acumen and technical industry expertise

Sustainable Producer of Coconut Oil and Derivatives

Magnakron is a trusted single source for the consolidated coconut oil supply chain that takes pride in the sustainable solutions we bring to companies working to meet the growing demand for natural, environmentally friendly products. From direct coconut sourcing to the production of virgin, organic, refined, hydrogenated and kosher coconut oils and derivatives, our capabilities span the entire supply chain as an organization vertically integrated to the coconut. Our oil expertise and passion for creating custom chemicals and simplified supply chains allow us to deliver sustainable materials that create innovative coconut-based products for the personal care, cosmetic and food industries.

  • Trusted single source for the coconut oil supply chain
  • Vertical integration to the coconut for sustainable goods
  • Fueling the personal care, cosmetic and food industries

High-Quality, Custom Chemical Made Easy

Magnakron offers a full array of chemicals and natural solutions to support the unique needs of our customers, including coconut-based ingredients and other natural derivatives used in groundbreaking new goods. As a manufacturer, we maintain complete control over the value and consistency of our materials to sustain the quality of finished products. Our standardized quality control system allows us to meet custom specifications tighter than market-accepted parameters, and our lab and blending facilities help us deliver specialty blending, packaging, heating, kosher and halal certified services. With a vast terminal and warehouse infrastructure and refined risk averse inventory processes, our solutions increase long-term savings, create added value for end users and streamline approvals for purchasing managers to fulfill unique requests on a global scale.

  • Standardized quality control system for customization
  • Specialty blending, packaging, kosher and halal services
  • Added value for end users and purchasing managers