Magnakron USA

Magnakron began supporting the chemical industry nearly forty years ago, connecting our customers with goods from all over the world. Our global operations and production services fuel our stewardship mission to provide a better quality of life for others. With a focus on just-in-time delivery, rigorous standards for quality control and commitment to social improvement, Magnakron will continue to provide reliable, trustworthy products for years to come. Learn more about some of the key features of our USA operation.

Magnakron Corporation

905 Brickell Bay Drive, Suite 230
Miami, FL 33131
United States

300 Rike Drive
Millstone Township, NJ 08535

+1 732 928 5800

Key features of our USA operation:

Coconut Oil Refining

Magnakron is vertically integrated to the whole coconut, offering refined coconut oil from our complex in the Philippines, as well as other natural coconut derivatives for food, personal care and consumer products. Our methods are sustainable and create zero waste, resulting in a reduced carbon footprint that is extended downstream to our customers.

Complete Supply Chain

Magnakron has the infrastructure in place—from strategic warehouse locations throughout the USA to deep sea tank storage in New Jersey, the Southeast and the Gulf—to offer unmatched products delivered through a streamlined supply chain. With our blending, heating, drumming and toting facilities, we supply kosher and halal products that are customized to meet the needs of dynamic industries.

Global Sourcing

Our global presence gives us the ability to reach all corners of the world to provide high-quality, custom products and deliver outstanding services to our customers. We source globally and position strategically located storage facilities around the USA to serve a wide range of industries across the country and beyond.