Magnakron Brazil

Magnakron serves Latin America through the services and operations in our Brazil location. We offer all-natural and specialty products derived from the coconut, and with our established infrastructure, we maintain full command of the entire supply chain to save our customers time and maximize their investment and ROI. Learn more about some of the key features of our Brazil operation.

Magnakron Latin America

Av. Antonio Artioli
570-Sala 102 Bloco 1 – Swiss Park Campinas- SP, 13061-155. Brazil

+55 19 3778 98

Key Features of Our Brazil Operation

All Natural Products

Magnakron gives our customers access to a variety of all-natural products derived from the highest quality coconuts for use in the food, personal care and cosmetics industries. We also offer sustainable specialty esters and raw materials obtained from our complex in the Philippines. Magnakron is always innovating to meet the demands of the modern Brazilian customer.

Complete Supply Chain

In Brazil, Magnakron maintains full command of the entire supply chain through our advanced infrastructure and single source services. By offering bulk liquid handling, local dry goods storage. Vender Managed Inventory (VMI) and ABCD Corridor, San Paulo and Campinas regions storage, we’re able to provide significant risk and transit time reduction on the clearance and delivery of goods.