Magnakron Mexico

Magnakron’s operations in Mexico create our central hub for servicing Central America, characterized by an impressive infrastructure and an advanced Vendor Managed Inventory system that improves our customers’ efficiency and logistics costs. Our reach in Central America extends across the region and links to sister USA terminals for better lead times and secure supplies. Learn more about some of the key features of our Mexico operation.

Magnakron Mexicana

Presidente Masaryk 111 piso 1
Polanco V seccion, C.P. 11560
Mexico Distrito Federal

+52 58 421 2640

Key features of our Mexico operation:


Magnakron boasts an infrastructure that powers all company activity in Central America. A terminal located just outside Mexico City conducts blending, heating and drumming, hosts a rail car site and offers bulk tank and local dry goods storage. We also utilize tank farms from Manzanillo to Veracruz to extend our reach across the region. Coordination with its sister USA terminals helps improve lead times and maintain secure supply.

Vendor Managed Inventory

Magnakron’s Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) system boosts working capital savings and consolidates materials to support our reputation for on-time delivery. This results in reduced logistics costs for our customers and prevents reactor shutdowns by ensuring product is always readily available. Contact us today to put together a custom plan for all of your plant sites.

Coconut Oil Refining

Magnakron stocks and supplies its refined coconut oil and other natural derivatives into Mexico’s downstream markets for food, personal care, consumer goods, coatings, plasticizers, lubricants and specialty chemicals.