Magnakron China

Magnakron’s operations in China bring high-quality chemical products to regions throughout the country, embodying our core values with production and sourcing through specially devised Vendor Managed Inventory systems. Companies in China trust us for high-quality products that support the best finished goods. Learn more about some of the key features of our China operation.

Magna-Kron Shanghai

58 New Jinqiao Road
23F, Unit D2, Yidong Building
Shanghai, P.R. China

+86 21 5821 5107

Key features of our China operation:

Vendor Managed Inventory

Magnakron pioneered a Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) that provides benefits throughout the country, locally stocking products in and around the Northeast, the South and the Yangtze River and Beijing Capitol regions. Offering working capital savings and consolidated materials, a custom VMI system will drive down raw material and logistics costs while ensuring readily available products. Let us put together the right plan for your requirements, from 10 to 1000 products.

Production & Sourcing

Magnakron supplies products that exhibit the core values we uphold in our company’s production and sourcing practices. Environmentally friendly, our products reduce the industry’s carbon footprint and promote positive social change in many local communities. With our focus on quality control, companies throughout China know that our products meet the high standards required to support the best possible finished products for their customers.