Quality, customization and control beyond expectations

Magnakron offers a full array of chemicals and natural solutions to support the unique needs of our customers, including coconut-based ingredients and natural oil derivatives used in groundbreaking new goods. As a manufacturer, we maintain complete control over the value and consistency of our materials to sustain the quality of finished products. Our standardized quality control system allows us to meet custom specifications tighter than market-accepted parameters, and our lab and blending facilities help us deliver specialty blending, packaging, heating, kosher and halal certified services. With a vast terminal and warehouse infrastructure and refined risk averse inventory processes, our solutions increase long-term savings, create added value for end users and streamline approvals for purchasing managers to fulfill unique requests on a global scale.  

Industries We Serve

Personal Care

Our emollients, fatty esters and entire suite of chemical and coconut-based products make Magnakron your partner in personal care, beauty and cosmetics.
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Consumer Products

Magnakron’s natural fats and oils support the creation of sustainable household detergents and other useful cleaning tools and goods for consumers.
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Lubricants, Fluids & Oilfield

With natural-based oils, emulsifiers and more, Magnakron helps support the creation of sustainable high-quality ingredients and fluids and serves the oilfield industry with sustainable coconut oil and biofuel.
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Magnakron’s oleochemicals and petrochemicals are used to develop a variety of plasticizers and improve the quality and performance of goods for end users.
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Food & Pharma

Magnakron is expanding our reach to offer access to natural and high-quality ingredients for food, beverage, nutritional supplements and pharmaceutical products that satisfy consumers and make waves in the market.
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Coatings, Paints & Inks

For coatings, water-based paints, solvent-based paints, resins, inks and more, Magnakron provides access to a broad selection of chemicals and custom products.
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Flavors & Fragrances

Magnakron’s esters and natural oils, including coconut and pine, work together with other key materials to greet the senses in flavors and fragrances around the world.
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Magnakron is changing the landscape with new natural solutions for pesticides and other agricultural applications.
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We’re known for our oleochemical capabilities and products, from fatty alcohols and acids to fatty esters and vegetable-based derivatives. At Magnakron, we offer only the best to support the bulk and dry needs of the cosmetics, food and pharma industries and others and work with you to create specialty chemical solutions and sustainable alternatives.


Magnakron’s petrochemicals are used in a wide variety of markets for automotive, industrial and life sciences applications as well as in the personal care, cosmetics, food and pharma, lubricants and coatings and paints industries. Whatever your specific need, Magnakron maintains complete control over the value and consistency of petrochemical materials to sustain the quality of finished goods.


We offer a range of specialty chemicals to help meet the unique needs of our customers across diverse industries and markets. Contact us for more information about our entire suite of products and how our R&D team can develop a solution right for you.


Magnakron’s services and capabilities are vast and include blending, heating, drumming, storage and supply chain logistics. Our lab and blending facility allow us to deliver value-added products with custom specifications, including higher purity, low color and specific moisture and consistency features. With a global presence, our products are stored locally where customers need them most and we remain flexible in satisfying their raw material needs. As a trusted partner, Magnakron ensures quality control, compliant storage and fast delivery at a moment’s notice. We leverage our experience to create reliable infrastructure for the delivery of new products, optimizing supply chain logistics to face new challenges as they emerge. Through our business acumen, technical expertise and strength in custom chemicals and product purchasing and storage, we help companies overcome market competition in dynamic industries.